LicenseStream for Creative Professionals

  • Promote, manage and license your creative assets
  • Protect your work across the Web
  • Profit from new revenue streams

Create Your Own Stock Business

Everything you need to monetize and protect your valuable content.

LicenseStream Creator Store

Screen 1: Open Your Content for Business

LicenseStream unlocks your content's value by enabling content to move freely across the Web with defined ownership, rights and restrictions. Now you can license, promote, monitor and monetize your creative assets. LicenseStream enables content owners to license and publish their content directly to the Web and global search engines, enabling anyone in the world to find their search-optimized content and pay for it with a mouse click.

Screen 2: Create New Revenues from Your Archives

Break out those old CDs, Zip disks and hard drives. Your archives can have a new life as stock. LicenseStream transforms your content into an instant storefront. Dramatically speed time-to-market for your work, protect it, accelerate payment and quickly distribute royalties.

Screen 3: Organize and Market Your Content to Different Buyers

Create individual galleries or stores specifically designed around the type of content you create. Organize by genre, file type ie. images and video, whatever suits your market. You can even sort projects into private lightboxes for customer review.
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