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Global Licensing Standards

Protect your intellectual property with licensing models adopted by major media companies.

Use the standard that media buyers around the world demand.

LicenseStream is the exclusive provider of license registry services to the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) Coalition the international, multi-industry standards body for image licensing. The PLUS standards allow rights and attribution information to travel within image files in a machine-readable format that provides instant access and universal understanding. Content you upload into LicenseStream is immediately registered with a unique PLUS code, thereby streamlining the licensing lifecycle and speeding time to market for images.

PLUS is supported by organizations across more than thirty countries. Some of these include: Adobe, ASMP, Getty Images, Jupiter Images, Digimarc, and PDN. In the fall of 2008 McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson all announced they would adopt the PLUS Coalition licensing standards and encourage all image suppliers to embed PLUS license data in all images..

Automate the Entire Licensing Process.

License your content for any use. Create Royalty Free, Rights Managed, Rights Simple or custom licenses in just a few clicks. We'll help you create the right license, set the price, manage releases, build an invoice, transact the sale, deliver the assets and then distribute the royalties for the entire term of the license. With automated licensing, you can spend more time on creating and marketing your work.
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