LicenseStream for Creative Professionals

  • Promote, manage and license your creative assets
  • Protect your work across the Web
  • Profit from new revenue streams

Price with Confidence

Flexible industry standard pricing eliminates the guesswork.

Screen 1: Offer the Right License at the Right Price Every Time.

Worried about what to charge? Our pricing engine will make a recommendation based on industry standards. Use LicenseStream's powerful pricing engine or customize your own pricing for your stock marketplace. You also can set your own Royalty Free price tiers, create buyer-specific Rights Managed Pricing, or set your own rates for exclusive content.

Screen 2: Royalty Disbursements are Automatically Calculated and Paid.

Eliminate the guesswork. Royalty distribution is paid to all rights holders in the percentages you specify. Enter and track limitless royalty recipients. When content is licensed, royalty settlement and payment distribution is seamless. Eliminate the need for manual, time-consuming payment processing.
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