LicenseStream for Creative Professionals

  • Promote, manage and license your creative assets
  • Protect your work across the Web
  • Profit from new revenue streams

Track Your Content

Content Tracker finds your content across the web and provides automated remedies for unlicensed content so you can get paid. (LicenseStream Pro Subscribers Only)

Screen 1: Automated Content Tracking

LicenseStream gives you the critical visibility and tracking you need to protect and drive the most value from your digital content. Monitor usage of your images across the Web and resolve unauthorized use with automated tools. LicenseStream's Content Tracker creates a digital fingerprint of each image, searches the Web and locates it on any public website.

Screen 2: Automated Remedies Make Infringements Easy to Resolve

If your work is used without permission, LicenseStream provides automated tools to communicate directly with the owner of the infringing site so you can get proper credit or payment for your valuable intellectual property.

Turn Unauthorized Use of Your Content Into Traffic

If your creative work is being used without permission, convert that to inbound traffic to your website or store through LicenseStream by requesting a link back and credit. Greater traffic means more visitors to your site, which in turn means more people viewing your work.
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